electronic dobby loom
electronic dobby

LX Electronic Dobby

It adopts rotary principle to ensure absolutely clear and stable shedding.

High reliability and stability running behavior thanks to curve-tooth bevel gear and complementary cams as well as all joints are needle and rolling bearings.

The vane pump is used to lubricate the system and the filter, the maintenance of this Dobby is reduced to a minimum.

Pattern design software and a table PC data transmitter can additionally selected, and be convenient to change the patterns.

Specifications of LX Electronic Dobby

Type of shedding

double lift, full clear open

Working principle

positive, reversing

Type of reversing

positive lever reversing

Practical speed for loom

650rpm (depending on the weave)

Mount method

in high position and low position (left and right side)

Lifting units

16 pieces



Highness of shedding

50-110(first heald frame)

Pattern controlling method


Endless wefts

12800 wefts

Lubricating form

vane pump circulating oil lubrication

Suitable loom

air-jet loom, water jet loom, rapier loom

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