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rapier power loom machine
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G6500 Rapier Loom

The G6500 rapier weaving machines have a compact design and balanced weight distribution. The torsion frame can maintain a low vibration level when the machine is running at high speed. The loom can be placed directly on the ground without the anchor bolts. Ergonomically designed, the body is low and easy to operate.

Maintenance-free direct drive, free set speed, variable speed weaving, balanced distribution of braking force on the left and right sides of the loom.

Specifications of G6500 Rapier Loom

Reed width (cm)



) Electronic dobby (max 20 shafts)
Electronic jacquard

Electronic weft selection

4 colours, 8 colours, 12 colours

Weft cutter

Electronic RotoCut weft cutter
Mechanical weft cutter

Independent selvedge

Independent electronic selvedge

Warp beam and flange

Single warp beam
Double warp beam
Flange Ф800、Ф1000

Let-off back roller

Negative single back roller
Negative double back roller
Positive back roller



Reed width

190、200、220、240、260、290、320、340、360 cm

Reed width reduce

0 ~ 80cm

Yarn range

Cotton and synthetic fiber yarn: 500 te(x 1.2 Ne)- 5te(x 120 Ne)
Slub and worsted: 680te(x 1.5 Nm)- 10te(x 100 Nm)
Filament: 10dte(x 9 den)- 1650 dte(x 1485 den)

Fabric weight

40g/m2 ~ 450g/m2

Weft selection

8 colours electronic weft selection

Weft insertion

Spatial linkage, Carbon fiber gripper band, Without gripper band guide hooks


Conjugated cams on both sides


Electronic dobby: max 20 shafts
Electronic jacquard
Electronic selvedge jacquard


Electronic let-off
Single warp beam (Reed 190-360), Double warp beam (Reed 290-360)
Flange diameter 0800\01000mm


Electronic take-up
Weft density range: 1.9-111 yarns/cm (4.8-282 yarns/inch)


Maximum roll diameter on machine: 0600mm
Off-machine large roll


Leno selvedge
Independent selvedge


Oil bath lubrication for main transmission part

Stop motion

Weft yarn: piezoelectric ceramic weft detector
Warp yarn: 6 line/ 8 line electronic contact stop motion


Multi-function microcomputer control system with parameters setting/control/production management/self-diagnosis
Automatic weft detection with weaving compensation function (eliminating start mark)

Main motor

5.5Kw (Dobby), 7.5Kw (Jacquard)

Gallery of G6500 Rapier Loom

rapier loom price
rapier loom price
new rapier loom price
new rapier loom price
single rapier loom
single rapier loom
Swatches of G6500 Rapier Loom

Swatches of G6500 Rapier Loom

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