Advanced special flat knitting machine for grease, petrochemical filter industry to be shown in China Anping International Wire Mesh Expo

Exhibition Details

Exhibition: Hebei filter industry

Date: 22th ~ 24th Oct. 2021

Hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00

Longxing-international Wire Mesh Expo

Leading computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer Jiangsu Jinlong Technology Co., Ltd. from China, participated in the grease, and petrochemical filter exhibition at China Anping International Wire Mesh Expo. On display will be our company’s new type flat knitting machine of LC-180, which is particularly for net knitting. The net is a new kind of grease, a petrochemical filter. Compare to the traditional filter, the flat knitting type filter is much stronger, and stable. And also, much easier to clean, and for multi-time use.

Longxing-international Wire Mesh Expo

Longxing computerized flat knitting machine, not only for the Grease, petrochemical filter but also for the traditional sweater knitting, collar knitting, flyknit shoe upper. Longxing machine is the first class of flat knitting machine manufactured from China.

For the Grease, petrochemical filter, use the knitting way, is developed by our company, the filter is complete by the needle, to create the stitch by stitch. It has extension but is different from the traditional one, the extension is coming from the structure.

Longxing-international Wire Mesh Expo

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