Knitting computerized flat knitting machine is the main production equipment for producing woolen sweaters, and the whole machine consists of more than 130 parts devices. The specifications of the flat knitting machine are based on its needle type and length, i.e. how many slots per inch in the needle type pointer board; the length is the total horizontal distance with needle slots on the needle board, which is also the effective length of the needle board.

A, flat knitting machine parts placement

1, frame: there are two hills, and by two crossbeams to connect the hills into a whole, it is a casting parts. The small parts installed on the frame are wrench, wrench fixing screw, needle plate screw, needle plate screw pressure spring.

2, needle plate: It is a steel plate refined with considerable hardness, and it comes with parts such as big press bar, small press bar, machine needle, tofu block and fixing screws.

3, guide rail: guide rail is made of castings or special steel processing, it is fastened to the frame with fixing screws, generally divided into two front and back, for the head to walk the track, there is a yarn spout guide above the rear guide rail, mainly for the yarn spout random head to move around smoothly or to replace the yarn spout.

4, faucet: It is the heart of the machine, the whole head parts are installed on it, its parts are front and rear pusher, pusher coke ball and screws, pusher pressure plate (also called pusher slider), the slider is equipped with bearings. The front part of the faucet is equipped with a three-eye cover plate, the screw through the three-eye is the starting triangle tie rod, the screw in the center eye is called the live chicken heart tie rod screw, tie rod well ring and starting triangle small wrench, live chicken heart small wrench, the surface of the head has a scale called the scale plate, the scale plate is equipped with a small pressure plate, the screw in the center of the scale plate is called the two-headed screw. The lower part of the two-headed screw is tethered to the big triangle, and the center of the two-headed screw is mounted with a pointer, and the pointer is mounted with a metric screw on top. Behind the faucet is installed with a pendulum shuttle frame, which is equipped with a pendulum rod and a shuttle rod, and the rear part of the head is also equipped with a pin switch, and the main machine part above the head is the flower plate.

5, flower board: flower board is the pivot of the machine, it has a base plate seat, all triangle are installed in the base plate seat, flower board triangle are starting needle triangle, chicken heart triangle (live chicken heart, small chicken heart), herringbone triangle, large triangle.

B, the knitting principle of the flat knitting machine

1, the role of the triangle: starting triangle used to start the needle, chicken heart triangle used to top needle, herringbone triangle used to guide and press the needle, large triangle bending yarn under the pressure of the needle, the development of the size of the circle and can brake the set of circles.

2, needle route: after the needle enters the work area, the machine head runs on the rail, it runs from right to left, and from left to right, the needle along the needle walking surface of the triangle forms a tracked needle route. Machine head movement, the needle first touches the starting needle triangle, it rises along the starting needle surface, then along the chicken heart triangle work rise through its apex, then under the control of the herringbone triangle to force the needle to guide, along the herringbone triangle pressure needle surface down, and then along the large triangle eat needle surface continue to fall, and finally by the large triangle bottom side through, run out of the needle path, its needle is alternating cycle law formation.

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