Fast/Siniloom Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine
Fast/Siniloom Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine
Fast/Siniloom Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine
Fast/Siniloom Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine
Fast/Siniloom Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine
Fast/Siniloom Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine
  • Introduction
  • FAST/SINILOOM rapier weaving machine is an advanced model based on the introduction of the Italian SMIT FAST type rapier weaving machine and improved based on the actual situation of

  • domestic material supply and process manufacturing.

  • FAST/SINILOOM rapier weaving machine adopt conjugate cam beating, shed spatial linkage insertion without guide, and micro- computer controlled automatic weft finding, the variety adaptabil- ity is wide, suitable for cotton or synthetic yarn, combed wool yarn and filaments, can weaving wool and worsted fabrics, light and medium cotton fabrics, twill cotton fabrics and corduroy fabrics, as well as rayon, synthetic fibers, silk and other fabrics.

  • The weft insertion mechanism of this machine has high precision, good rigidity, low acceleration of the movement of the gripper, no excessive yarn deformation during weft insertion, and conve- nient for weft clipping, weft cutting and weft yarn transferring. When changing the width, it is not required to adjust the time when the gripper is handed over at the center; the gripper band runs smoothly, does not require the gripper band guide hooks, avoids the interference of the guide hook on the warp yarn, and can adapt to the weaving of the high-density fabric or the delicate yarn requirements; electronic let-off and electronic take-up systems have a wide range of adaptability, while the control system provides a variety of ways of weft finding and weave compensation, can avoid start mark in most cases.

  • At present, FAST/SINILOOM rapier weaving machine also have derivative products such as lable looms and wide width jacquard looms.

  • FAST/SINILOOM rapier weaving machines are looms that sley driven by cam, Gripper hand over at the center of the loom.

This loom can use wide range of yarns:

  • - Cotton and synthetic fiber yarn: 500 te(x 1.2 Ne)- 5 te(x 120 Ne)
  • -Slub and worsted: 680 te(x 1.5Nm)- 10 te(x 100 Nm)
  • -Filament: 10 dte(x 9 den)- 1650 dte(1485 den)

The machine is highly efficient in producing a wide range of fabrics of all types:

  • - Wool and worsted wool fabric
  • -Light and medium cotton fabric
  • -Fine twill cotton fabric and corduroy fabric
  • -Rayon, synthetic fiber, silk fabric
  • -Light and medium cotton woven or blended fabric
  • -Light and medium industrial fabric
  • -Fabric weight range: 40 grams per square meter to 450 grams per square meter
  • The width ranges of the machine from 190 cm to 360 cm; no gripper band guide in the shed so can reduce the interference to the warp yarn; the movement of the reed is stable so can reduce the vibration of the loom, reduce the noise level, to make FAST/SINILOOM products significant stability.

  • device, the weft selection reliability is high. The cutting time of the weft cutter can be adjusted precisely and easily.

  • The reciprocating rotation of the rapier wheel is completed by a four-phase twisting mechanism. The mechanism consists of a number of extremely high-strength, precision-sized components which are simple to adjust and maximize operational flexibility.

  • The characteristic of the gripper movement is low acceleration, and the running speed curve does not cause excessive weft deformation during weft insertion, which is convenient for weft clipping, weft cutting, weft yarn transferring and weft yarn releasing.

  • The optimum shed shape was designed by conducting detailed stress studies on the elasticity of various warp yarns and weft yarns. The beating angle of the reed, the geometry of the shed, and the large adjustment range of the back roller make it more prominent when processing high-density fabrics and fabrics with high coverage factors.

  • The microcomputer control automatically finds the weft breaking, and can select a series of weft breakage finding programs according to the type of the fabric to prevent the start mark from being generated.

  • The electronic control system of the loom has reliable performance and strong work adaptability.

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