After Nike revolutionized the launch of flying woven uppers and used them on a variety of running shoes, Adidas also followed with the launch of flying woven shoes products, Anta, 361 °, pique and other well-known sports brands have also launched similar products. Flying woven shoes, which integrate clothing knitting technology and sporting goods shoemaking technology, have quickly become a hot spot, and the molding technology and breathable, lightweight features of flying woven products have changed the way sports shoes are designed. At present, with the introduction of fly weaving high-end running shoes, 3D shoe upper knitting machine industry began to quietly emerge.

The 3D upper knitting machine developed by Jinlong independently knits a variety of integrated upper materials that are fashionable and generous. 3D upper is a new product following leather, leather, cloth and other uppers, which has a huge market prospect and will bring great changes to the whole shoe industry. 3D upper knitting machine overturns the traditional upper manufacturing technology, the production process is environmentally friendly and material-saving, the degree of automation is high, and the knitted upper has light and thin The production process is environmentally friendly and material-saving, with a high degree of automation, and the woven upper is light, thin, breathable, and customizable, which is very popular among customers.

I. Production technology of 3D upper knitting machine

3D upper knitting machine technology with high roller and innovative design of the sinker, to maximize the three-dimensional upper knitting requirements. At the same time the new electronic antenna table is easy to thread and works stably, and the new probe ensures that false alarms caused by overlapping yarn nozzles can be avoided in the knitting area. And the special tight sling knitting function can make the upper hard and firm. In addition, the machine's plate-making system adds a number of modular functions that not only enrich the design of the upper, but also significantly improve knitting efficiency.

3D upper knitting machine can knit the pattern organization including weft flat stitch, thread, four equal basic organization, set circle, jacquard, pick hole, ripple, add yarn and other fancy organization, as well as a variety of bright closing stitch, bright release stitch and other molding upper knitting. 3D upper knitting machine knitting upper material, used in the production of sports shoes, casual shoes, not only has the effect of light, breathable, and because the upper is integrated molding, can reduce for the shoe enterprises more than half of the skilled workers. The 3D upper knitting machine technology has laid a solid foundation for the shoemaking industry.

The introduction of 3D upper knitting machine has opened a precedent for enterprises to enter the footwear industry

The upper knitting machine is evolved from the traditional knitting sweater machine and is operated fully automatically. The operator only needs to program the computer according to the design pattern, then introduce the yarn and press the button, and the machine will automatically knit out the required pattern. Its main technical features are firstly, the adoption of a high efficiency head specially designed for 3D shoe upper knitting machine, which can realize the efficient operation of the machine and increase the knitting efficiency by more than 20%; secondly, the new electronic induction antenna table designed and developed for the special yarn of knitted shoe upper, which is fast and convenient to traverse, stable yarn operation, sensitive and precise induction. Finally, the ultra-thin steel yarn nozzle suitable for the special yarn of knitted upper is selected, and then polished with special technology, so that the yarn trajectory is smooth and smooth, and the quality of knitted upper is flat and stable. The products produced by the upper knitting machine can be widely used in sports shoes, casual shoes, bags and other fields, with light and breathable effect.

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